"I have been struggling with losing weight for two years; both my age (45) and work/lifestyle were huge factors in the battle to lose weight. I

finally approached Dr. Iannelli back in January (New Year's resolution) for help with my diet. I started Dr. Iannelli's shake and immediately saw

results. I lost 22 pounds in exactly two months. I continue to lose weight with drinking one shake a day along with eating well. I like the taste of

the chocolate flavored and I add some sort of berry to it. The shake for me was very easy and I found my experience worth sharing with others. I

would recommend Doctor Iannelli's shake to anyone wanting to shed some pounds. I feel so much better physically and emotionally. I truly

could not have lost the weight without the help of Doctor Iannelli."

Cheryl Anskis

"Dear Dr. Joseph,

I am writing this letter to tell you how much you improved my health and my mind. I suffered with not only pain but mental anguish and

emotional distress as well. I am feeling great now and I am back to my old self. Your gentle hands, calming voice and your supportive talks got me

through a difficult time. I am also in health care and we are dedicated to help people stay well and get well, and you were a vital element in my

recovery. You are such a special person, you are the most dedicated and compassionate doctor I ever met! As well as having a contagious laugh

and great personality! God led you to this profession and I thank him for that. God bless you, your family and your staff. Have a wonderful

summer and continue to work your MAGIC!'

Sincerely, Angela"

"After the limp from a broken foot turned a couple old back injuries into excrutiating pain that could not be relieved, my primary care doctor

recommended Dr. Joe. I went, x-rays in hand, and after some consultation, Dr. Joe gave me a prognosis of about six months of intensive work,

and then maintenance as needed. Every visit I made, Dr. Joe and his staff were sure to ask after my entire well being, offer advice and

suggestions to keep making progress even when I was away from the office, and Dr. Joe's method of manipulation was confident, but much

lighter handed than other chiropractors I've been to. He and his staff answered every question I could think of, explaining what was wrong, and

how to make it right and keep it that way. In six months, doing what the doctor ordered, I was off the pain medications, moving well, and

continuing to go to Dr. Joe whenever I have an issue. I know I'll be dealing with the damaged vertebrae and the resultant misalignment and

looseness in my spine for the rest of my life, but it's a lot easier to deal with when I have such excellent, as needed, care available. I would and

have most heartily recommend Dr. Joe and his team to any patient."

Joyce Hindman

"Incredible place to go! Dr. Joe is one of a kind! Whether I go because I have an ear ache, back pain, or have been stressed out at work- I always

leave Dr. Joe's feeling so much better than when I arrived!"

Jennifer Johnson

"Dr. Joe has helped me through many ailments over many, many years. He has treated me successfully for things (like asthma), which many

people do not think of as chiropractic issues. When medical doctors could not stop my coughing for long enough for me to sleep through the

night, Dr. Joe did. He helped me with hand and foot pain. He successfully treated my children when they were small for reoccuring ear

infections. Dr. Joe takes care of the whole person. He is a knowledgeable and effective teacher in nutrition and holistic treatments. Most

importantly... what he does works!"

Rita Moore

"I have been going to Dr. Joe's since I was 9, I am now 27. He has provided me with general chiropractic care, back pain from a car accident, and

even pain caused by pregnancy. He is awesome! He has also helped me with anxiety, and just about any health related question I have ever had. I

trust his methods because they're all natural!"

Lauren Borden-Newstadt

"Dr. Iannelli really paid attention to what I told him. I was told to go to him a long time ago and should have done so. What he said made sense

and even though I have only had 3 treatments, I feel 100% better. P.S. Great front desk!"

Dennis Moore

"I have been a patient of Dr. Joe's since his Stratford days in the 90s! He has put my hip back in place so many times... I lost count! He is a very caring


Ann-Marie Rachuba

"Not only is Dr. Joe the most knowledgeable doctor (in all areas, not just concerning the back) but he is also the most personable, kindest, and

down to earth doctor I have had the pleasure of knowing. His staff are just as amazing. A lot of his patients drive a great distance because he is

that special. He helped clear up my son's ear infections and also recommended diet changes for him which in turn led to no tubes in his ears. He

also treats my husband and me."


"Dr. Joe is a very knowledgeable chiropractor who helps so many people with pain and health issues that are related. Great place!

Eleanor Streit

"Dr. Joe is the best! His skills, understanding, and most importantly, his results make him second to none. The entire staff, from the moment you

open the door, make you feel relaxed and in good hands. I have never seen, nor experienced, a better staff and doctor. 5 stars all around!"

Mark Hozey

"I never met such a caring doctor! I've been going to him since 1997! He is really caring even if it's not related to just your back or neck."


"I feel great about chiropractic care with Dr. Iannelli!"

John Langelo

"My results from the adjustments are immediate..."

M. Piontkowski

"I can't live without chiropractic!"

Kim Goss

"Doctor Joe knows what he is doing! Treating with him is the best decision I've ever made."

Catherine Ford

"Dr. Joe's care was great from the beginning- the first time I was out of pain in years."

Janice Pollock

"Very attentive, personable, caring, knowledgeable, and kind!"


"I can attest that chiropractic care has helped my recovery. I would recommend Dr. Iannelli and chiropractic care to others."

Carol Doleski

"Dr. Iannelli was very preofessional, much knowledge, gentle approach, friendly and compassionate. He was very thorough with his explanation."

Sandra Hickman

"Dr. Joe and Staff-
I can't thank you enough for the way you all take care of me and all of your patients. From the minute I walk through the door my whole mood changes and I immediately feel better. I wish there were more people in the world that truely cared about others as much as you do.


"Dear Dr. Joe-

Every time that I need to re-adjust my back and my head, you are there! Your professional and compassionate ways have led me to depend on

your help and advice many times--(And even via telephone when I couldn't get into the car!) Thank you for helping me heal so that I can enjoy

my trip to Europe! We need more physicians like you!


"Dear Dr. Iannelli-
Because of you, I now have my eyesight back 100%. I still cannot believe that the sight problem has been due to an out of line vertebrate in

my neck. I am totally amazed and shocked that you were able to cure the problem when nobody else could.

Your caring and treatments have meant more to me than I can ever put into words. I owe the greatest gratitude to you for your

contribution related to my regained 20/20 vision. Because of this experience, I have learned never to take my sight for granted. You have literally

been an inspiration to both my family and me. Thank you once again for all that you've done.

Joe Pinto"


We look forward to hearing from you.

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