Dr. Iannelli has searched hard to find a weight-loss program that is all-natural and effective. The program is thirty days long. He will track your progress throughout the program over the course of five weeks, in which you will meet with him once a week for four weeks. Once you commit, Dr. Iannelli will give you his personal cell phone number so that you can ask questions at anytime. Below are brief descriptions of the program including the components as well as the duration.

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  • Cleansing Weight-Loss Shake

  • Thyroid Enhancer

  • Ketone Metabolism Booster

  • L-Arginine

  • Alkaline pH Water

  • 4 Office Visits

For this program, you will consume the meal replacement shake for breakfast and for lunch. Dinner must be eaten on a small six inch appetizer plate and must exclude bread, pasta, and other refined carbohydrates. The rest of the supplements will be taken at specified times throughout the day, as instructed. You are allowed an apple and a small handful of raw almonds twice per day.

Dr. Iannelli will guide you through the program over the course of thirty days.  During your included office visits, he will check in with you and address any questions.

Weight-Loss Testimonials:

"I have been struggling with losing weight for two years; both my age (45) and work/lifestyle were huge factors in the battle to lose weight. I finally approached Dr. Iannelli back in January (New Year's resolution) for help with my diet. I started Dr. Iannelli's shake and immediately saw results. I lost 22 pounds in exactly two months. I continue to lose weight with drinking one shake a day along with eating well. I like the taste of the chocolate flavored and I add some sort of berry to it. The shake for me was very easy and I found my experience worth sharing with others. I would recommend Doctor Iannelli's shake to anyone wanting to shed some pounds. I feel so much better physically and emotionally. I truly could not have lost the weight without the help of Doctor Iannelli."

Cheryl Anskis

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