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The trust and confidence you have placed in me is most appreciated. As the centers owner, I see many patients who respond very favorably to chiropractic care. My mission and purpose is to help you optimally achieve and maintain your long term health goals.

We look forward to partnering with you to address your health concerns, and we will do all we can to ensure you achieve the most successful result possible for you.

Turnersville Chiropractor | Turnersville chiropractic Meet the Doctor |  NJ |

Pictured above: Dr. Iannelli at age six, in his nearly full-body cast extending from his stomach down his entire left leg and halfway down the right leg, with a bar in-between.

My Story

We all have a story. A person can learn so much from their own story; experiences and influences shape all of us and in turn, affect and change us. My story has revolved around health and healing, which has led me to become a chiropractor.

My story begins with a critical decision that my mother made when I was only one year old. During a summer vacation in Wildwood, my mother noticed a runny nose as we strolled down the boardwalk. Later that night, the problem worsened. My mother peeked in to check on me and my face was blue - I was gasping for air. My mother and father could barely speak, they scooped me up and rushed to the hospital. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and the hospital staff began the typical treatment: IV, antibiotics, and oxygen - but nothing was working. My breathing was shallow and short. At that point, the doctors offered little hope. They asked my parents if they were religious. All of a sudden, there was a priest next to my bed giving me my last rites. At that point, my mother got angry and said stop everything, I want my son out of here. She screamed and said I want him out of here now, he is not dying here. They listened and put me in an ambulance; driving at speeds over 90 miles per hour with my dad following behind with the family. We got to the next hospital in about 35 minutes. A miracle happened at the next hospital. I began to get better rapidly. I asked my mother what they did at the second hospital. She said they hooked you up to an IV, gave you antibiotics, and oxygen. I said but Mom, that’s what they did at the first hospital. “Ah,” she said, “but they didn’t give up.” That was an “Ah” moment for me: the healing power of not giving up..the healing power of persistence.

Now before discussing what happened to me next, I must tell you that I am not against medical doctors and hospitals. In fact I have four medical doctors in my own family. Some of my closest friends are medical doctors. I have utmost respect for the orthopedic surgeon that put me back together.

When I was almost two years old, my mother remembers that after two routine doctors visits that I did not want to walk home and she made  me stand on the back of the stroller because my brother John was only a couple of months old and sitting in the stroller. She recalls thinking how unusual this was for me because I loved to walk and act like a big boy, especially after my younger brother was born.

A short time later, I slipped on a pencil and broke my leg. From ages two to five I had a normal childhood. However when I was just about to turn six, I was riding my bike and following my mother around the block when all of a sudden, I could not feel my left leg. I tried to peddle but it wouldn’t move. This threw me off balance and I tipped right over. At that moment, I felt my leg shatter like glass. Even at five years old, I knew something was seriously wrong. At the hospital, the X-rays confirmed that my femur had multiple fractures and something else too. A cyst, a tumor, cancer or an infection? The doctors weren’t sure but something was wrong with the bone. They put me in a nearly full body cast from about my stomach all the way down my left leg and halfway down my right with a bar in-between for six months. Many fractures later, a CHOP orthopedic surgeon who appeared to be 100 years old diagnosed me with fibrous dysplasia of the bone. At the time, he didn’t give my parents much hope for a normal life. He said that I would not be able to walk much, run, play sports, and I should always wear a protective brace - which I did for years.

At one point after a particularly bad fracture, he suggested that my parents put me in a home for disabled children. My parents freaked out and said absolutely not. The doctor persisted and pointed out to my mother that “your husband works all the time and you’re only 100 pounds…as your son grows, you won’t be able to handle all of the inevitable fractures. My parents went from doctor to doctor until they found one with hope. Dr. Vincent Destefano said “I will shave his hip bone down, grind it up and mix it with cadaver bone and pack the tumors. Then, I’ll put a rod through the entire bone and anchor it with a pin. It worked. In nearly forty years since, I’ve had only one fracture. Before that, I would have 3-4 per year. m After the operation, I was weak and I wanted to be whole and healed.

I took a proactive approach and at 15 years old, I became obsessed with health. I began working out 2-3 hours each day. I ate nutritious food. I told my parents that I wanted a juicing machine because the local gym owner told me to drink carrot juice. This was in 1978; I was buying 40lb bags of carrots. My parents simply shook their heads and allowed me to do it. I started teaching myself the proper way to walk, I had mirrors all over my basement and would spend hours walking towards the mirrors. Then, I taught myself how to run and lift heavy weights. I became stronger and I could feel it. I can remember thinking that I should have started this earlier.

I was always on crutches and I remember while in Wildwood, my cousin Michael and I would leave the house to go to the boardwalk and I would show my parents that I was using my crutches as I left. Then when we would arrive, I’d bury them under the boardwalk and limp instead. My cousin and I thought we were smart; we didn’t want the girls to see me on crutches. By the way, that smart cousin of mine is now a neuroradiologist. I also used to run and play football with my brace on. I had the Forrest Gump brace except most of the time I would wear it under my jeans. I would put bread ties on it to prevent it from locking out, which is how Forrest Gump’s brace broke when he began running. No one wanted to tackle me because they would knock themselves out when they hit the metal. I became a teenager that had learned how the body can heal itself with a little help. I realized that a positive attitude can mean the difference between life and death. I owned these thoughts.

As I got into working out more and more and trying to walk straight, my mother had suggested that I see a chiropractor. I didn’t want to go; I was done seeing doctors. After my cousin and I researched chiropractic, I decided to get my first adjustment. I was so misaligned. When my hip was adjusted, I immediately felt different.

I can remember getting adjusted on a Friday afternoon and then running fast, really fast for the first time with my German Shepherd on the beach. The chiropractor gave me a small green book about chiropractic and I read it within an hour. I couldn’t believe it. These doctors made the same discovery that I did. With positive thoughts and a little bit of help the body heals itself.

Then I learned that chiropractic began in 1895. OK, I was a little late. Becoming a chiropractor was a perfect fit for me, as reflected by my story. The extra help from a chiropractic adjustment is just the kind of help to add to my healing recipe.

I have never looked back. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten adjusted earlier. Who knows. My mother knew that seeing a chiropractor would help my hip pain and help me to walk straighter. However, she did not know about the healing power of a chiropractic adjustment.

When you relieve pressure from your nervous system and straighten your body out, it can heal more effectively. Sometimes, it’s the only thing keeping you from feeling good. Everyone who is not lined up will encounter more health issues and difficulties healing. A transmission, an unbalanced wheel, a jet engine - they all need alignment to work properly. We know what happens when the drum of a washing machine is misaligned; the machine tears itself apart. Posture, movement, and balance are needed for healing. The bones that support us have a cable and wires that require protection and smooth motion.

If you’re not getting adjusted you’re missing out on a fundamental means to overall health. It’s simply a tune-up for the body that I can’t live without. I have four kids that have been getting adjusted since they were minutes old. I have to brag and say that they are extremely healthy. They almost never get sick or take antibiotics. They get checked and adjusted often.

Maintain overall health before you feel pain and don’t wait to get an adjustment. Everyone should be getting a tune-up; our bodies can always use some healing. Misalignments are caused by every day activities such as chores, work, bad posture, stress, and working out. Most of the time, you will remain out of alignment for your entire life. Your health will certainly suffer. I am not here to sell you health; I am here to tell you the truth.

For many of us, when we hear the truth we just know it. I have no idea what a patient may need until I check them. A person may have one small misalignment or be completely worn out. Once I check you I’ll tell you what you need and it will be up to you. I will set up a recommended care plan for you and you can decide from there. Again, a consultation at our office is free. You can begin your treatment right away or you can go home and think about it. Either way, you have heard the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I’ve been here 24 years and I’ll probably be here for another 24 years but don’t wait. Starting this as early as possible is key.

 To get more specific information about yourself and your body schedule your appointment today. Enough about my story, I want to hear yours. We are low key, no pressure, no stress office. If you make an appointment with us you’ll get a reminder call in your voicemail or  a text. That’s it. Unless you show up in our office you wont hear from us again.

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